US-Polizei in Oakland setzt Gummigeschosse, Tränengas und andere Chemiewaffen gegen Occupy ein

Veteranen für den Frieden beschützen die Demonstranten und rufen Obama auf, die Polizei zurückzuziehen, sonst könnten sie hart zurückschlagen! Hier der Link zu den Veteranen für den Frieden, sie unterstützen die Occupy-Bewegung!

Breaking news: Police attacking Occupy Oakland with chemical weapons

Trending worldwide Tuesday night is the human rights violations in the United States by police who have launched tear gas and flash-bang canisters plus shot rubber bullets into the crowd of peaceful Occupy Oakland protesters near 14th and Bro
adway, in the heart  of Oakland, after giving a warning that people would be arrested for unlawful assembly. Police are attacking protesters as Veterans For Peace try to protect the people and Tweets are calling on President Barack Obama to stop the police before they kill someone.
„It hit people pretty hard,“ reported KTVU Tuesday night.
„Clearly you can hear screaming and banging.“
The Occupy Oakland encampment, inspired by New York’s „Occupy Wall Street“ protests, began with a large rally in the  Frank Ogawa Plaza on Oct. 10 and „has grown into a miniature city with a series of tarps, tents, shelves and tables, as well as a library, children’s area and makeshift garden,“ according to KTVU.
Police had given a a 5-minute warning and said people would be arrested for unlawful assembly.
A third round of teargas and projectiles has been used Tuesday night to disperse the protesters.
„Oakland PD are attacking protesters right now while Veterans For Peace attempt to protect them,“ a Tweet read just after 9:00 pm PT.
Earlier today, rubber bullets were fired at the protesters.
(Watch Video of large crowd, a flash-bang cannister)
Tuesday morning, Abby Martin of Media Roots went onto the streets to cover the immediate aftermath of the start of what the news group called „the brutal police raid of Occupy Oakland at 6:20 am on October 25, 2011.“
Media Roots reported Tuesday morning, „500+ Oakland PD used tear gas, rubber bullets and completely leveled two encampments of peaceful protestors practicing civil disobedience. 90+ protestors were then arrested.“
(Watch coverage of Occupy Oakland police and protesters‘ stand-off in the Media Roots Youtube video, „Occupy Oakland Raid: Cops Just ‚Following Orders'“ on this page.)
The crime? „Suspicion of misdemeanor illegal lodging.,” a Twitter wrote.
Chief of Oakland police quit a few days ago.
According to the live coverage, police tear-gassed what was supposed to be the „safe“ exit. (See:
Twitters are also urging Mayor Jean Quan can be contacted at
AnonymousWiki Anonymous ✔ Tweeted, „The world needs to know that Oakland PD is tear gassing the elderly, the disabled, children, and the press. #PoliceState #OccupyOakland #OWS.“
@OccupyVeterans Tweeted, „You know the drill.Call Oakland PD @             510-777-3333      , PUSH 0 to go direct to dispatch. Flood their phones!“

„Back in the protests of the 60s, the most feared cop force was the Oakland PD. History repeats itself,“ another Tweeted.

„The US supports a set of universal rights. These rights include free speech, freedom of peaceful assembly…,“ President Barack Obama had said.

Around 9:30 pm, one Twitter stated, „@BarackObama You need to stand up for the civil rights of the US citizens you were sworn to serve. STOP Oakland PD before they kill someone.“

Around 9:50 pm, Oakland Police said, „If you are on 14th and Broadway, no matter what your purpose, we will use chemical weapons!“

The over-arching goal of the various protests that have sprouted up in over 100 cities around the U.S. and world, is to create peaceful direct democracy through General Assemblies so that the 99% of the people have a voice and a vote to protect their rights according to demonstrators.

Roots Action released a statement after 10:00 pm PT saying, „We must have a national movement to defend our First Amendment rights. Sign the petition.

„Send the message to the mayor and police chief of Oakland and other cities that we have a right to free speech, to free assembly, and to petition our government for a redress of grievances.

These rights do not create themselves. We must defend them vigilantly and eternally.“

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