Polzist zerstrümmert Schädel von Scott Olson, kritischer Zustand, überall Demonstrationen gegen Polizeigewalt in USA


Occupy Wall Street Supporters Nationwide March Following Occupy Oakland Crackdown

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Marches were held in Oakland, New York City and other cities Wednesday night to protest Tuesday’s violent crackdown on the Occupy Oakland movement. Many protesters expressed outrage over the shooting of Oakland protester Scott Olsen, a 24-year-old Iraq war veteran whose skull was fractured Tuesday night when he was hit in the head by a projectile filed by police in Oakland. He is hospitalized in critical condition and is reportedly still unconscious. Video posted online shows a police officer threw a flash grenade at a group of protesters who attempted to care for Olsen after he was shot. Here in New York City, hundreds of Occupy Wall Street demonstrators held an unpermitted march Wednesday night to show solidarity with Oakland. New York City police said they arrested about a dozen people. Patrick Bruner is an organizer with Occupy Wall Street.

Patrick Bruner, Occupy Wall Street organizer: „Behind me you can hear people chanting, ‚New York is Oakland, Oakland is New York,‘ and this is because we firmly believe that this is a worldwide problem, that this is an American problem. It is not just a problem with New York City. It is not just a problem with Oakland. Police are violent everywhere. The system is broken everywhere.“

Washington Post Under Fire for Occupy Wall Street Coverage

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While the police crackdown of Occupy Oakland has made international news, the Washington Post is coming under criticism for how it covered the story. On Wednesday, it ran a story titled „Protesters Wearing Out Their Welcome Nationwide.“ Above the photo was a photo of a police officer petting a cat. The caption read: „A police officer in Oakland, Calif., pets a cat that was left behind by Wall Street protesters who were evicted from the grounds of City Hall.“


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