Chilenische Studentenbewegung rechnet mit dem Sturz des konservativen Milliardärs-Präsidenten

Chilean Student Movement Predicts Downfall of Chilean President

In Chile, student protest leader Camila Vallejo predicted Thursday the movement will lead to the downfall of President Sebastián Piñera. The protesters say Chile’s education system is profit-driven and provides poor instruction. The billionaire Piñera is the first conservative president to rule Chile since democracy returned in 1990 after Gen. Augusto Pinochet’s bloody dictatorship. In recent months, Camila Vallejo has emerged as the face of the student movement.

Camila Vallejo: „We are at a difficult time, knowing we have to resist with unity and trying to generate some fissures. But the fight will last much longer, and it’s important to temper our expectations. We have very high expectations. We must think in terms of short, medium and long term, because what we’ve achieved as a movement is very nice. We’ve proposed deep changes, structural changes, to build a better society.“


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