US-Veteranen bilden Occupy Marines! Ex-Soldat zur Polizeigewalt in den USA: Da ist keine Ehre drin, unbewaffnete Demonstranten zu attackieren

Police brutality against Occupy Wall Street protesters worse than in Iraq says US marine

27 October 2011
USA and the War on Terror

US Marine Sergeant Thomas rages against New York police

US Marine Sergeant Shamar Thomas, not long back from Iraq, where he took part in 50 combat missions, told a mob of New York Police Department’s officers who were intimidating Occupy Wall Street protesters that there was „no honour“ in their brutal actions:

„It takes a coward to harm an unarmed civilian. This is not a war zone, these are unarmed people, it does not make you tough to hurt these people.“

„If you want to go fight, go to Iraq and Afghanistan, Leave these people alone, they are US citizens, why are you doing this to our people?

„I’ve been to Iraq 14 months for my people and you come here to hurt them, they don’t have guns, it doesn’t make any sense, how do you sleep at night? there is no honour in this, your here to protect them, protect us.“

„You’re all walking around in riot gear like this is a war, these people don’t have guns.“

Protesters in Iraq, says Sergeant Thomas, are treated with more respect than their American counterparts. Asked if the war in Iraq had been worth it, he replied:

„Not at all. What have we gotten out of this, besides death and a lot of different political agendas. It’s a political war machine, it’s not a war machine for the American people.“

A new group of army veterans, titled Occupy Marines, has been set up as a part of the Occupy Wall Street movement.



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