Staatliche Repression in ganz USA gegen Occupybewegung: Dutzende verhaftet, in Denver, Portland, Austin/Texas, Nashvile

Dozens Arrested in Occupy Protests Nationwide

The Occupy Wall Street movement continues to face government crackdowns nationwide with a series of arrests over the weekend. In Denver, riot police fired pepper balls and mace into a crowd of protesters after they attempted to move onto the State Capitol grounds. Some 20 people were arrested, including 13 who tried to erect a tent in an adjacent park. The arrests followed a peaceful march that drew thousands of people into the streets of Denver. Roughly 30 people were arrested in Portland, Oregon, on charges of criminal trespassing, interfering with a police officer and disorderly conduct, after they remained in an upscale park beyond curfew hours. Meanwhile, police in Austin, Texas, arrested 39 demonstrators for attempting to maintain food tables at their City Hall encampment. In Tennessee, a night court magistrate has refused to sign off on an arrest warrant targeting demonstrators because, he argued, state officials have no authority to set the curfew. Among those arrested in Nashville, Tennessee, over the past week was a reporter for the Nashville Scene who identified himself to officers as a member of the media. The reporter, Jonathan Meador, caught his arrest on camera.


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