So steht es inzwischen mit der Demokratie in den USA, wenn man die üblen Machenschaften der Finanzmakler kritisiert und Zukunftschancen für die Jugend will!Verhaftungswelle in den USA gegen Occupy geht weiter: elf Verhaftungen in Orlando und San Diego, 19 in Porland, 16 in Seattle, 100 Protestierende wurden von ihrem Camp in Seattle vertrieben; In Washington und Los Angelses gibt es neue Demonstrationen –

Occupy Arrests Continue Nationwide

Arrests continued on Monday with 11 people detained at Occupy protests in Orlando and San Diego. The raids followed the weekend of arrests of 19 people in Portland and 16 people in Seattle. Around 100 protesters are facing eviction from their encampment at Seattle Central Community College after a judge ruled they can be displaced. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, members of Occupy L.A. rallied at City Hall on Monday to protest the raid on their encampment last week. And at the Occupy camp in Washington, D.C., activists regrouped following the arrests of 31 people on Sunday.

Tizzy Giordano: „One of my friends was grabbed by the throat by a cop. She has scratches and bruises on her throat. We have it on tape. I mean, it’s probably on YouTube by now. I mean, just that, watching your friends get hurt, is awful.“

James Cullen: „If we get kicked out and arrested, we will either come back or find another park. I think that a lot of—I think something really inspiring about a lot of the other occupations is that they get kicked out, they get moved, and they come back stronger.“


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